Sunday, January 31, 2016

2016 Notice of Race (NOR) and Entry Form

You may now access the 2016 Typhoon Nationals NOR and Entry Form by opening each on the right side of this post. The Sailing Instructions (SI) will be available near the time of the event.

A huge THANK YOU to Tom Chapman, Ron Mihills, and our Nationals leader, Danielle Kuper for making these important documents available to us early. Of special note is the late fee charged for entries received after May 20th.

This is truly a very special and popular event conducted and enjoyed by many Typhoon sailors and supporters. Danielle is a strong and well organized leader and has put together the following team:

Tom Watkins: Typhoon Fleet Commander and advisor in all areas

Tom Chapman: PRO and Race Committee Chairman

Mikey Kennedy: Merchandise Chairman

Ned Crockett: Marketing/Publicity Chairman

Harry Wells: Catered Food and Beverage Chairman

Marsha Chapman: Welcome Party Chairperson

Kathy Wachter: Registration Chairperson

Gary Hooper: Awards and Trophy Chairman

Martha Little: Sponsors Chairperson

Pat Julian: Housing Chairperson

Stan Crockett: Guest Dock Chairman

If you have questions, concerns, or comments please contact Ned Crockett, phone 804-438-5256 or email If I cannot answer your question I WILL get an answer for you quickly.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Mark Your Calendars for the 2016 Regatta

The next Typhoon National Championship Regatta will be held in June 3-5, 2016. This bi-annual event is the largest gathering of Cape Dory Typhoons in the world. The Nationals is hosted by Rappahannock River Yacht Club located in Irvington, VA. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting event!