Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Carter's Creek - The Largest Concentration of Typhoons

It started twenty-one years ago when George and Elise Hilbert purchased their Typhoon newly named Pipit. Shortly after several other sailors became interested in obtaining Typhoons and soon enough the five-boat fleet was formed on Carter's Creek. This began the tradition of Wednesday night racing which is a familiar activity up and down the Chesapeake Bay. On Saturday, August 22, 1992, the first local Typhoon Regatta took place. The five boats are seen below parading up Carter's Creek just off Church Prong.
The five-boat fleet has since grown to over 50 boats on the Northern Neck. Just with a few mile radius, there are over 35 Typhoons in or on Carter's Creek -- the highest concentration anywhere. In response to this intense interest in Typhoon sailing, the first ever Typhoon National Regatta will take place on June 10-12, 2011.

Cape Dory Typhoon - America's Littlest Yacht

As designer Carl Alberg aptly named her, the Cape Dory Typhoon is truly America's Littlest Yacht. Stretching 18'6" and sporting a full keel with 900 lbs. of ballast, the Typhoon handles like a boat multiple times her size. One of the most notable features is the shape of the cockpit. With high coamings and a deep cockpit, you "sit in" rather than "on" her, creating a sense of comfort and stability. Her unusually long cockpit provides more room than most 30 footers. "In my designs I go for a boat that you can sail upright without scaring the life out of your family or friends," Alberg wrote. He clearly achieved his goal.

Three models of Typhoons were built: the Weekender, the Daysailer with cuddy cabin, and the open Daysailer. Over 2,000 Typhoons were built between 1966-1986. Later in production the 22'6" Typhoon Senior was built. Over 90% of the boats built were the Weekender model. To learn more, check out the Cape Dory Sailboat Owners Association at