Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Couple Of Water Shots Just In.

Water shots taken by Blaine Liner have just come in.  More to follow, tomorrow.  In the meantime, here's a link to additional shots he's taken today in case you'd like to download a couple for your collection.

Start of Championship Fleet

Radio Flyer

First Ty

Saturday Evening Dinner And Awards

Here are the first shots in of the dinner tonight.  We enjoyed a great time together on a really pretty evening.  Results and awards were given for the Spring Typhoon Racing Season.  First Place was won by Sissy Crowther and Arabella Denvir on Ad Astra. Go girls!
The first place finishers for this first day of Typhoon Nationals racing was the team of Tom Watkins and Mike Kennedy on Radio Flyer.
Jerry Latell, his son Henry and Chuck Carmichael awarded raffle prizes, too.
Great appetizers 
Viewing the first day's racing results
Celebrating with root beer and other beverages
Taking a break from sailboat racing
to watch horse racing (The Belmont Stakes)
Picking raffle winners
Arabella Denvir & Sissy Crowther win
1st Place in the Spring Typhoon Racing Season
Celebrating their 1st place win
Mike Kennedy & Tom Watkins win 1st place honors
in the first day of Ty Nationals competition
Jerry, Henry, and Chuck wrapping up the roster of winners

More Shots From Today's Activities.

Here are a few more shots that have just come in from the day, shot by Stephanie Chaufournier.
Thanks Stephanie.
Baggy Wrinkles heading out

Mark Boat




Ty National Breakfast & Briefing This Morning.

PRO Tom Linville discussed the racecourse and rules with everyone this morning.  Tom is a member of RRYC.  Tom races and also helps manage races. This is his first year as the Typhoon Nationals principle race officer.
It's a beautiful day and here are some assorted shots of the briefing and prep work on the docks.

Tom Linville briefing racers

Friday, June 6, 2014

A Racing Seminar and Welcome Dinner Was Graciously Hosted By Ullman Sails.

Debbie Cycotte speaking at the seminar

Jerry Latell (and son Henry) used video shot
this week to highlight racing points.

Ned Crocket participating in the seminar
(Thanks to Stephanie Chaufournier who shot photos of the seminar.)

Here are an assortment of photos shot during tonight's Welcome Dinner on the Club's deck. Ullman Sails once again hosted the dinner, did all the grilling and made some great root beer floats for all. Thanks to Jerry Latell and all the great people from Ullman Sails who made it a fun event.

Pictures From Today's Boat Renaming Ceremony.

Some of the racers decided to take their boats out to the mouth of Carter's Creek and test their speed in match races against each other to better tune their boats. After they returned, there was a boat naming ceremony on the Club's docks.
Bill & Carol McCoy with Baggy Wrinkles
Mike Kennedy Making A Proclamation
Mike Kennedy with Radio Flyer
(Photos shot by Stephanie Chaufournier)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Typhoon Nationals, Final Schedule Of Events.

As the weekend approaches, here's the final schedule of events:

Friday, June 6: 

            8:00 am – 8:00 pm Launch Boats and Register

            3:30 pm – 6:00 pm Ullman Sails Speed Tips and Tune Up Day

6:00 pm – Registration, Welcome Party – Sponsored by Ullman Sails - $10.00 per person

Saturday, June 7:

            8:00 am - Breakfast at RRYC

            9:00 am – Skippers Meeting

11:00 am Warning for Race 1, with subsequent races to follow ASAP after finish of the previous race.

6:00 pm Reception and Dinner followed by RRYC Spring Series Awards presentation

Sunday, June 8:

            8:00 am – Breakfast at RRYC

            9:00 am – Skippers Meeting

!!:00 am – Warning for first Race, subsequent races, if any, to follow ASAP after the finish of the previous race.

4:00 pm – Awards and Closing Ceremony

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The 2014 Ty Nationals T-Shirt & Bags Are Here.

Created at T's T-Shirts, Deltaville VA

Developed by Debbie Cycotte
This year's T-Shirts include the names of the racing boats that were enrolled in this year's Nationals by Friday, May 23rd.  Both the shirts and the bags were created by Debbie Cycotte and the folks at T's T-Shirts in Deltaville.  Debbie says, "TG from T's T-Shirts deserves a major amount of credit for the design work." He and his mother also responsible for the nicely stitched hats you'll see this Friday.  After two beautiful sailing weekends in Irvington, we're hoping that we get lucky and will enjoy a third.  Keep your fingers crossed. Contact Chuck Carmichael, 2014 Nationals Chair, if you have any questions about the upcoming weekend.