Saturday, March 9, 2013

2013 Typhoon Nationals Date Is Set

 We're very excited about our news that the 2013 date has been set for the Third Annual Typhoon Nationals.  This year, we're lucky enough to have the wonderful John McCarthy serving as our Principal Race Officer again. John is CBYRA Regional Race Management Coordinator, Regional Race Officer and Senior Judge.  Anyone who was competing in the past Nationals knows that he runs a wonderful and well-organized race.  His wife Lin McCarthy is editor of the weekly newsletter Southern Bay Racing News You Can Use - true to its name and a must read for all serious racers on the Chesapeake Bay.

The races are set for September, that's right, September 27-29th so hold that weekend!  This should allow all of us to get in a bit more practice and possibly have more wind than we did in the first two national competitions.

After its original launch and two great years of racing, the Ty Nationals Chairman, Ron Mihills,  is turning over the leadership of this year's race to Debbie Cycotte.  Debbie is an experienced racer and race organizer.  She's grown up in the Mid-Atlantic racing Flying Scots.  Debbie's also the proud owner of the Typhoon, Goldfinch and regularly competes with her partner Mosby West who's also a RRYC member. (More information on Debbie to follow soon.)  If you need to contact her regarding the Typhoon Nationals, she can be emailed at