Sunday, August 25, 2013

The 2013 Typhoon Nationals Is Moving To 2014.

Sometimes, it's especially hard to keep up with those top Typhoon racers. The Governing Committee for the Typhoon Fleet met yesterday and decided that they need to move this year's Nationals all the way to 2014.  Yep, there's simply too much going on at the Rappahannock River Yacht Club this fall. This creates concerns regarding the volunteer staffing available for both racecourse and land-based event needs.

The Rappahannock Cup is hosted by RRYC and is set for September 21-22nd.  It's followed by the large Hospice fundraiser,  The Turkey Shoot Regatta, being held at RRYC for the first time in it's storied history.  As many of you know, the Turkey Shoot is also one of the biggest regattas on the Chesapeake Bay. It's set for this October 11-13th.

While many of you were busy spiffing up your Typhoons and practicing racing drills, you're going to have to simply enjoy racing in these other events for the time being. The Typhoon Committee promised that the Typhoon Nationals will gear up on all years falling on even dates, ever other year in the future. Please direct questions to Typhoon Nationals Chair Debbie Cycotte.  She can be reached at