Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Evening At The Club

Here are a few more quick pictures from a good day of sailing and a great time with friends, old and new.  We'll post the results for the first three races soon so stay tuned and send up a little prayer to the wind gods for fair breezes tomorrow.

Cocktails on the porch with friends.

The Club's Commodore, Doug Power, welcomes all the
Typhoon  Fleet founders and current sailors.

Typhoon crews enjoy dinner.

Ron Mihills introduces the first Typhoon Fleet.

The original Typhoon Fleet founders and racers
(seated at the table near the fireplace) are applauded.

One of the Club's best young sailors, Boyd Bragg, helps
Ron Mihills award each Typhoon captain a door prize.

Jane Wells receives the "Grand Prize" - an autographed photo
of our Club's dock master Kent White and his dog.

It's been a good day.

Video "Going Out To Race"

Saturday Races And Raft Up

Here are a few select from today's events.  Unfortunately, this blogger was racing so things are a bit slim when it comes to pictures from the racecourse.  We'll try to see if we can't correct that soon.

Arabella Denvir doing some last minute bottom cleaning

Breakfast on the Club's porch was delicious

Danielle Kuper and Arabella Denvir

John McCarthy, Principal Race Officer at the Skipper's Meeting

Boats coming across the finish line near the Committee Boat on the 3rd race

Harry Wells at the raft up

Typhoons joining the raft up

Pulling everyone together into a sunflower circle

Harry Wells working his engine to pull the circle into shape

Enjoying a cold beer and our finished sunflower raft up

Friday, June 22, 2012

Tonight's Party Was Great

Thanks again to all the wonderful volunteers, staff and to the terrific folks at Ullman Sails Virginia - Latell Sails for a delicious cookout and great root beer floats.  (And the weather gods were kind to us bringing cool temperatures, wonderful breezes and a light show.  Those good wishes sent up earlier this week by all of you are working.)
Brent & Ron Mihills

The Grilling Crew from Ullman Sails Virginia - Latell Sails

Dining on the Club Porch

Ron Mihills leading the Ty National Cheer

Getting ready for tomorrow

The Weekend Has Started With Workshops For Sailors

Jerry discusses fine tuning your Typhoon
Jerry Latell, is an excellent sailor, master sail maker, and owner of Latell Sails. He conducted a session for all Typhoon competitors on getting the most speed and performance out of your boat.  About 25 sailors met on the Rappahannock River Yacht Club's porch this afternoon, just after a nice storm swept the really hot air away.  Everything from sail rigging to which telltales are most important to fly on your jib during specific parts of the racecourse were discussed.
Typhoon sailors examine rigging and discuss tips on sail rigging
After this session there was a break so that we could examine rigging on the boat Jerry's sailing.  This was followed by a workshop session on the rules of sailing.  We all learned quite a bit, and promise to read our NOR and instructions. Thanks to Jerry for his generosity, both in the classroom and for graciously hosting our Welcome Party tonight.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Announcing Bigger Sunflower Raft-Up Plans

2011 Sunflower Raft-Up shot by Skip Ferguson

Last year, we created a sunflower raft-up just off the RRYC's docks.  We're planning to create an even bigger one this year.  To do this, we need every sailor to join in.  Instead of waiting until the end of the races, we're going to make this year's beauty after the third race on Saturday.  Follow this link to the instructions and plan to bring the gear with you when you go out on the water to start racing.  An aerial photo will be taken and everyone will have something terrific to remember the event, even if it isn't a first place trophy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hot Fun In The Summertime, Summer Breeze...It's All Good

Ulman Sails Virginia and Latell Sailmakers are busy working on Friday's cookout for us. As we're thinking of the weekend activities on this first day of summer, here's a little music that comes to mind.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Those eagle eyed racers

If you've registered to race in the Nationals, or even considering it, check Rappahannock River Yacht Club's Typhoon Racing's Blog and review the Typhoon Fleet Rules.  Ned Crockett, our estimable Fleet Captain, has developed a wonderful blog that keeps us up to date on weekly races.  He's even worked with other racers and developed rules that our Fleet follows.  While we're a friendly group, we're fairly sure that there will be some eagle-eyed competitors checking to be sure that everyone is playing by - yes, the rules.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hold On To Your Hats

The Ty Nationals hats are in.  They look so good that you might want to order more for your family and friends.  Mike Kennedy worked on the colors and design so wave your cap at him if you see him on the racecourse this weekend.  

The Wind Gods

They're predicting 6 knots of wind Saturday and 10 knots on Sunday.  As we prepare for the races, we're sending up a few prayers to the weather gods.  Feel free to take a moment and join in - there's no such thing as too much positive thinking.