Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Enter The New Typhoon Virginia Invitational, June 22nd

Designed by Diane Cook-Tench
Please help us spread the word about the first Typhoon Virginia Invitational.  It's coming up this Saturday, June 22nd so you've got to jump on it to participate.  To kick it off, the Club's Typhoon Commander and Officers have decided to keep the entry fees free and open to anyone with a Typhoon in the state.  The races that day will be followed by a cookout dinner on the deck and awards.  Dinner costs are just $10 a person so you can do a lot and still have most of your money left over to spend a night at one of the wonderful places nearby like the Tides Inn or the Hope & Glory Inn - both within a couple of blocks of the Clubhouse and waterfront activities.
The NOR information can be found right here. While it's a recently developed Regatta, hosted by the Rappahannock River Yacht Club, it's already attracting crews, including Team Mihills.  This group has won the Typhoon Nationals twice in its two-year history.  Join the fun and help us spread the word.  The weather is supposed to cooperate and it should provide for a lot of fun and fellowship.

Landlubbers Alert

Designed by Diane Cook-Tench
Please pass the word along to all landlubbers that there's a special event about to take place July 1st, just around the corner from the Rappahannock River Yacht Club's Clubhouse.  The Air Force's Heritage of America 38-piece band will be performing on the Irvington Commons that night at 7PM.  People generally show up earlier, bringing beverages and picnic dinners.  This year's show should be extra special since the large group is coming.  They're composed of some of the most talented performers across the US.  You won't even have big crowds or massive traffic jams to contend with in our little town.  So, while they're not the Navy, they're very good and will play a classic salute to all veterans from each branch of the service.