Saturday, July 7, 2012

You'll Feel Cooler Just Looking At Typhoons On The Water

Chris Ehring and Mosby West sailing Cricket

Here's another group of 24 photos, 23 are shot by Tom Norris.  Lin McCarthy shot the picture of Blaine Liner.  Thanks to both of these hardworking photographers, we're lucky to have "portraits" of so many Typhoons with their crews.  Click on this Flicker link to see them larger or download copies for yourself.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Daily Dozen Plus A Dozen

Jerry and John Latell, shot by Lin McCarthy
We've posted 24 new shots taken by Lin McCarthy.  Overall, they're great pictures and some of you never looked better in your Typhoon.  Check them out on Flicker.

Everything's Coming Up Sunflowers

We hope that you enjoyed a good Fourth of July yesterday and were lucky enough to see some fireworks on the water.  We're not going to show you photos from last night but we do have a nice sunflower pattern on the water to share with you today.  For those of you that opted to join the 2012 Sunflower Raft Up, look for yourself, you're in there somewhere!
2012 Sunflower Raft Up shot by Your's Truly Photography, Kilmarnock

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Typhoon Shots Of The Day

Lin McCarthy shot these pictures and the rest of the dozen photos posted today on Flicker.  We'd like to thank Lin for her shots.  A BIG thanks also goes to Tommy Asch and Steve Sommers for their work managing the mark boat duties on the race courses.

Steve Sommers at Skipper's Meeting

Steve Sommers and Tommy Asch

Steve Sommers with mark

Tommy Asch

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Ty Nationals Have Gone Viral.

The breakfast of champions Rick, Ron, and Brent Mihills.

If you attended last Wednesday Night's Typhoon Dinner, you know that results from 
the Typhoon Nationals are showing up everywhere, even in the cereal aisle.

Two Dozen New Shots From the Racecourse

Your blogger with Dwight & Sharon Timm on 1040 Yougogirl.
I've added two dozen more photos from Tom Norris taken of both Saturday and Sunday races to our Flicker site.  I'll continue a dozen photos each day so check the Flicker link here to look for yourself and friends.  Or visit

Lastly, if you'd like to enlarge any of the photos on this blog, just click on them.