Thursday, September 26, 2013

Get A "Front Row" Seat To The Start And Finish Of The Turkey Shoot Regatta.


Serenity is a gaff-rigged, 65 foot, passenger-friendly schooner that is part of Greg and Laura Lohse’s Yorktown Sailing Charters fleet.  They are offering two cruises for Turkey Shoot spectators during the regatta racing action, October 12th and 13th.

The first cruise is a “Brunch with Bloody Marys” on Saturday morning, the 12th. Spectators have a chance to watch the boats begin the race.  If you or your friends haven't experienced this, it's exciting as all of the classic boats via for a great start.  

Who will win the Most Beautiful Boat Award?

The second cruise is a “Boxed Lunch Outing” on Sunday the 13th, to watch the leading boats finish.  Both cruises will leave from the dock at the Tides Inn.  Cost is $50 per person.  Each cruise holds 26 passengers, so hurry as there are just a total of 52 reserved seats available.

Plan to be out on the water about two and a half hours with an experienced narrator onboard giving passengers a heads up on racing customs, the boats themselves, and the race's progress.  Enjoy being onboard a classic sailboat among a whole flotilla of other classic boats. Additionally, spectators will also have the opportunity to vote on the Turkey Shoot’s “Most Beautiful Boat” as the classic boats circle round Serenity after they cross the finish line. 

Cost to reserve a seat is $50 per person and includes everything. All proceeds go to support the Hospice of the Northern Neck.

The full Regatta dates again are October 11th-13th on Carter's Creek in Irvington.  The Event Tent will be located in the Rappahannock Yacht's field at the corner of King Carter Drive and Carter's Creek Road. 

The public is invited to a Welcoming Happy Hour Cocktail Party, there on Friday night, October 11th from 5 to 7 pm.  Cost is $10 per person and includes music, traditional regatta rockfish, great hors d'oeuvres, and beer or wine  (one drink per ticket, cash bar thereafter).  For the history of the race "with the odd name" and more of the Regatta's details follow this link:

Contact or stop by the Steamboat Era Museum for tickets to the Cocktail Party and the spectator boat Serenity's excursions at 156 King Carter Drive • Irvington • VA 22480. Phone 804.438.6888 or email: Their website is  The Museum's hours are: Thursday-Saturday from 10am to 4pm. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The 2013 Typhoon Nationals Is Moving To 2014.

Sometimes, it's especially hard to keep up with those top Typhoon racers. The Governing Committee for the Typhoon Fleet met yesterday and decided that they need to move this year's Nationals all the way to 2014.  Yep, there's simply too much going on at the Rappahannock River Yacht Club this fall. This creates concerns regarding the volunteer staffing available for both racecourse and land-based event needs.

The Rappahannock Cup is hosted by RRYC and is set for September 21-22nd.  It's followed by the large Hospice fundraiser,  The Turkey Shoot Regatta, being held at RRYC for the first time in it's storied history.  As many of you know, the Turkey Shoot is also one of the biggest regattas on the Chesapeake Bay. It's set for this October 11-13th.

While many of you were busy spiffing up your Typhoons and practicing racing drills, you're going to have to simply enjoy racing in these other events for the time being. The Typhoon Committee promised that the Typhoon Nationals will gear up on all years falling on even dates, ever other year in the future. Please direct questions to Typhoon Nationals Chair Debbie Cycotte.  She can be reached at

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Posters are going up, now!

Poster designed by Diane Cook-Tench
We're printing and distributing this year's Ty Nationals poster this week.  Chuck Carmichael, the Rappahannock River Yacht Club's Fleet Commander has suggested that we also print up a few to sell. The money will go to RRYC's Junior Sailing Program.  (No wonder he's the Fleet Commander!) Please pass this link on to anyone you know who might be interested in racing during the Nationals or who might like a poster.  We'll sell them at the Club during the check-in Friday, September 27th. Here's a link to the Club's main page where you'll find all the registration information and Notice of Race.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Registration Forms Are Due Friday the 13th!

That's right, the Sailing Instructions, along with the Notice Of Race, are posted on Rappahannock River Yacht Club's homepage and will be due by 5pm on Friday the 13th (September).  It looks like a fun weekend with all kinds of activities and good folks in a lovely setting.  Hopefully, the weather gods will give us a bit  more wind as we conduct our first Nationals competition late in September, the 27th-29th. There's sure to be more color along the banks and on the racecourse, too. Just watch out for black cats crossing your path on the course!

Monday, August 5, 2013

2013's New Regatta Chair And Schedule Of Events

Debbie Cycotte at the 2013
Typhoon Spring Awards Dinner
Debbie is directing the 2013 Typhoon Nationals, taking over from Ron Mihills who started the Nationals with the Cape Dory Sailboat Owners Association in 2011. “Debbie has had solid experience running regattas in the past and a history of sail racing that goes back to her childhood.” “She’s also one of the hardest working volunteers at the Rappahannock River Yacht Club and volunteers at Fishing Bay Yacht Club in Deltaville, too.” Said Ron.  

She, and partner Mosby West, serve as regular race officers; have managed RRYC’s website; RRYC Ship’s Store, and more. “We’re so lucky to have them in our Club and community.” Said Tommy Asch, RRYC’s Commodore. “I’m confident that RRYC’s hosting of the annual Typhoon Nationals helping us build sail racing in the area.” “Typhoon boats are being acquired from across the US and rennovated throughout the lower Chesapeake Bay. There are over 70 with racing competition growing at area yacht clubs”. He added.

Debbie Cycotte has a lifelong love of boats and the water which started at a very early age on the South Shore of Long Island. After a move to North Carolina, her dad built her first boat, a Blue Jay sloop, and taught her how to sail. A few years later they acquired a Flying Scot and began racing competitively. She is still involved with the Flying Scots as their Class Historian. Debbie enjoys One-Design Racing, particularity Flying Scots and Typhoons.

She works at Ullman Sails in Deltaville for Jerry Latell, West Marine in Deltaville and does CAD work for local engineers, architects and realtors. Debbie has served as Regatta Chair for the Flying Scot Capitol District Championship in 2005 at Fishing Bay Yacht Club; the Flying Scot Atlantic Coast Championship in 2006 at Fishing Bay Yacht Club; and the Flying Scot Capitol District Championship in 2010 at Rappahannock River Yacht Club. 

The Rappahannock River Yacht Club is building on its previous successes making this year’s National Regatta offerings even more extensive. A new educational component gives sailors, who enjoy competing in these classic boats, more opportunity to test their skills against others before the Typhoon Nationals, September 27th-29th.
Three races are planned, for Wednesday evening September 25th at 6pm. Debbie Cycotte, along with Jerry Latell and the crew of Latell/Ullmann Sails Virginia, will be out on the water videotaping the racing. Jerry will use it to teach racing techniques on Friday, September 27th prior to racing beginning the next day. This free course runs from 1PM - 5PM at RRYC’s Club house, following that morning’s launching and registration set for 8am-12pm. “I’ve been racing a Typhoon and have had the opportunity to watch other Typhoon racers. It’s allowed me to see examples of excellent racing skill that I’d love to showcase for the newer racers on the Friday before the horn goes off Saturday.” said Jerry Latell.

“We’re really excited to build on some of the great lessons Jerry taught us last year.” Said Regatta Chair, Debbie Cycotte. “It’s also wonderful to have Latell/Ullmann Sails agree to again hosting the Welcome Party and Cookout.” She said.
This season, the Nationals racing action starts at the Rappahannock River Yacht Club Saturday, September 28 with an 8am breakfast followed by a Skipper’s Meeting at 9am. Racing begins on the Rappahannock River at 11am sharp. Three races are planned for Saturday the 28th, followed by a reception and dinner for all involved that evening at 5pm at the Clubhouse.

All races are planned as drop mark triangular courses on the Rappahannock River between the Norris
Bridge over the Rappahannock River and Towles Point. Scoring will follow the Low Point System. (One race completed can constitute a regatta.) Each boat’s series score shall be the total of her race scores. No score will be excluded.

Sunday, Sept. 29th will host breafast again at 8am followed by the Skipper’s Meeting at 9am. The Warning for races 4 and 5 begins on the water at 11am. The Awards and Closing Ceremony will be held at the Clubhouse Sunday, 4pm.

Racers can access the NOR and registration information online. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Debbie Cycotte at Here's the link to the NOR and registration information on RRYC's site.  Additionally, registration paperwork will be available Friday, September 27th and on the morning of the Saturday, September 28th.  You can follow the action on Facebook.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Team Mihills Captures Front Page Story!

Brent and Ron Mihills Capture a front page story on their wins.
Team Mihills is featured in this week's Rappahannock Record, and on the front page of the Sports Section, too!  Their double wins in both the first Typhoon Virginia Invitational and in the area's Spring Typhoon Racing Season were exciting.  Those of us on the water and race courses weren't the only ones to think so.  Congrats guys and we'll look for you in the upcoming regattas, including the 3rd Annual Typhoon Nationals, September 27th through the 29th!  There, you'll be defending your unblemished record.  Good luck and happy sailing.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Spring Typhoon Racing Season And Its Awards Night.

We celebrated the combined end of the 2013 Spring Typhoon Racing Season with its winners and the winners of the Typhoon Virginia Invitational last night at the Rapphannock River Yacht Club.  Team Mihills, former winners of both Typhoon Nationals, outperformed all of us again winning the first Typhoon Virginia Invitational.
Ron and Brent Mihills also took first place in the Spring Typhoon Racing Season.  Congrats to both of these extremely impressive sailors and gentlemen.  It's a pleasure to lose to such great guys.  Our able Fleet Commander, Chuck Carmichael and his wife Barie took Second in the Typhoon Virginia Invitational with Frank Birdsall and Tom Richardson capturing Third Place. Congrats all around.

Fleet Commander Chuck Carmichael congratulates
Ron Mihills on both Team Mihills 's First Place Awards.

Brent and Ron Mihills with their First Place Trophy
for top place in the 2013 Spring Typhoon Racing Season.

Chuck Carmichael awards his wife and teammate Barie
 with the Second Place Cup in the Virginia Typhoon Invitational. 

The always fast Frank Birdsall rushes up to accept his Second Place
for the Spring Typhoon Racing Season. Additionally, Frank won Second Place,
 along with Tom Richardson, in the Typhoon Virginia Invitational.
The newly instituted "Middle of the Fleet" Award for sailors
moving up in skills during the Spring Typhoon Racing Season was
awarded to Diane Cook-Tench, Chris Ehring, and Steve Harris.

Debbie Cycotte, Mosby West, (Race Committee)
along with Sam and Gary Luckham 
As the 2013 Spring Typhoon Racing Season wraps up, we learned that Frank Birdsall took Second Place and Gary Hooper won Third Place. Our Fleet Commander, Chuck Carmichael and Barie Carmichael took Fourth.  Thanks to so many wonderful racers, their spouses, friends and club members for making this spring such fun.  Chuck Carmichael also did an outstanding job of keeping all of us informed and all the 2013 Spring Races going smoothly.  He built on the strong foundation set by Ron Mihills and Ned Crockett in past years.  Kinnet Ehring did a superb job of making our Wednesday Socials even more social, organizing meals, appetizers, and desserts.  We'll have to do countless laps in the Club's pool to work off even a portion of what we've consumed.

Typhoon Virginia Invitational Race Results

Congratulations to all of those racing in yesterday's first Typhoon Virginia Invitational.  Team Mihills was once again a standout in all the races though RRYC's Typhoon Fleet Commander was able to beat them in the second race.  They set the bar high for all of us who compete with them and we're thankful for that.
Many thanks to our Principal Race Officer Mosby West. He and a fine team of volunteers created a perfect situation for four wonderful races.  Mother Nature helped and it was one of the finest sailing/racing days to be found this year, or in many years, on the Rappahannock River.  
Many thanks to Debbie Cycotte, Tom Linville, George Kuper, Tom Blencowe, Hal Starke, Lisa Watlington, David Lee, Tommy Asch, and Brady Behrman.

Version 7.1.2: Regatta scoring by JavaScore, an Open Source project available at
2013 VA Typhoon Invitational/Series Standing - 4 races scored.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Enter The New Typhoon Virginia Invitational, June 22nd

Designed by Diane Cook-Tench
Please help us spread the word about the first Typhoon Virginia Invitational.  It's coming up this Saturday, June 22nd so you've got to jump on it to participate.  To kick it off, the Club's Typhoon Commander and Officers have decided to keep the entry fees free and open to anyone with a Typhoon in the state.  The races that day will be followed by a cookout dinner on the deck and awards.  Dinner costs are just $10 a person so you can do a lot and still have most of your money left over to spend a night at one of the wonderful places nearby like the Tides Inn or the Hope & Glory Inn - both within a couple of blocks of the Clubhouse and waterfront activities.
The NOR information can be found right here. While it's a recently developed Regatta, hosted by the Rappahannock River Yacht Club, it's already attracting crews, including Team Mihills.  This group has won the Typhoon Nationals twice in its two-year history.  Join the fun and help us spread the word.  The weather is supposed to cooperate and it should provide for a lot of fun and fellowship.

Landlubbers Alert

Designed by Diane Cook-Tench
Please pass the word along to all landlubbers that there's a special event about to take place July 1st, just around the corner from the Rappahannock River Yacht Club's Clubhouse.  The Air Force's Heritage of America 38-piece band will be performing on the Irvington Commons that night at 7PM.  People generally show up earlier, bringing beverages and picnic dinners.  This year's show should be extra special since the large group is coming.  They're composed of some of the most talented performers across the US.  You won't even have big crowds or massive traffic jams to contend with in our little town.  So, while they're not the Navy, they're very good and will play a classic salute to all veterans from each branch of the service.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

RRYC Launches The Typhoon Virginia Invitational, June 22nd.

Photo by Lew Thatcher

Rappahannock River Yacht Club’s First Typhoon Virginia Invitational launches June 22nd. 
The Rappahannock River Yacht Club is looking for Typhoon racers from across Virginia interested in competing in its new Typhoon Virginia Invitational, June 22nd. This new Regatta gives sailors who enjoy competing in these classic boats, more opportunity to test their skills against others before the Typhoon Nationals, September 27th-29th. Three to four races are planned, dependent on the weather. Trophies will be awarded to the top three boats.

The action starts at the Rappahannock River Yacht Club at 11:30AM with the Skipper’s Meeting. A cookout dinner and awards will be held on the porch after the races that evening beginning at 5:30PM. There’s no registration fee and the cost of dinner is just $10 per person. Information on registration and the Notice of Race and the sailing instructions are posted at

To add to the fun, the Invitational’s dinner and awards ceremony will be combined with the dinner and award ceremony concluding the area’s 2013 Spring Series Typhoon Racing Season. “This will provide for a lot of fun as the 60 plus folks involved with our Spring Series racing group are used to getting together after each week’s races to compare stories, laughs, and great food.” Said RRYC’s Typhoon Social Director, Kinnet Ehring.

Winners of the Spring Series will receive separate trophies honoring its top sailors.

Last year’s 2012 Typhoon Sailor of the Year, Frank Birdsall, is a likely contender in this year’s
Typhoon Virginia Invitational since points for placing in it count towards the area’s 2013 Typhoon Racer of the Year Award. “As any Typhoon racer knows, Frank is one of the toughest racers to beat in the region,” said Chuck Carmichael. “Ron and Brett Milhills, two-time winners of the Typhoon Nationals, will be out competing.” Chuck, this year’s Typhoon Fleet Commander and Director of RRYC’s Typhoon Virginia Invitational, noted that, “We’re lucky to be blessed with an abundance of wonderful sailors in the area and anxious to meet other good Typhoon sailors from the across the state.”

Racers can access the NOR and registration information online. For more information, please contact Chuck Carmichael at Additionally, registration paperwork will be available the morning of the Invitational at the RRYC Clubhouse and can be turned before the Skippers’ Meeting at 11:30AM.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The 120-mile Down The Bay Race is off to a cool start!

SpinSheet, one of our sponsors, just posted photos of the Down The Bay Race.  It's a 120 mile race that perfect on a Memorial Day Weekend right?  Well, they're very wet and very cold at the moment. Some crazy racers are on a J24!  Here's a link so you can follow the race's progress once you've got the grass cut and the grill set up.

Happy Sailing This Memorial Day Weekend

It's a bit soggy here at the moment but the weather is predicted to improve for the weekend.  It should be great for sailing.  In the meantime, you can check the Typhoon Blog at Rappahannock River Yacht Club's site to see how the Typhoon racers are doing this spring. Just look in the right hand corner for Spring Series and click on it.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A beautiful breezy morning, and moving creatures

Theo Jansen's Strandbeests

On this beautiful, grey morning I want to salute all the Typhoon racers who are once again working on Committee and Mark Boats to assist others in racing.  This time, it's the Rappahannock River Yacht Club's Spring Regatta.  What a great group of people!  These cool wind creatures in Holland are also inspiring as they're built to "live" on their own, only powered by the wind.  Not unlike some of the sailors we all know.  Good luck to everyone out on the racecourse today!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Revised Typhoon Racing Rule At Yankee Point Tomorrow

Hold it!
I've just learned that due to the  306 PHRF Rule, Day Sailers will not be permitted to race. Typhoon Weekenders can sail since their length is slightly longer.  It's certainly not the best of rules. I've also learned that the entire racecourse will be made up of Typhoon racers on mark boats and the Committee Boat.  Ned and Stan Crockett, Mosby West, Debby Cycotte, and Bo Bragg - all Typhoon racers will be helping with this side of the Regatta.  Go Typhoons!

News Is Out On One Of The Biggest Racing Regattas On The Chesapeake Bay

Typhoon sailors, make a point to check out the 2013 Turkey Shoot Regatta.  The Turkey Shoot is one of the biggest regattas for classic sailboats in the US.  Known also a great annual fundraiser for Hospice Support Services of the Northern Neck and Riverside Hospice, operating in Gloucester and Tappahannock, it's a unique and lively two days of racing fun.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yankee Point Racing & Cruising Club is looking for Typhoon Racers this Saturday

One of the Crocketts heading to YPRCC early.
Shot by Diane Cook-Tench

I've just learned that Yankee Point is hoping to see a good number of Typhoon Racers this Saturday, May 11, for their Spring Regatta.  The race starts at 10:30am and runs until about 2:30pm
It's described as two handicap races on the Rappahannock River between Norris Bridge and Towles Point. Racing starts south of Corrotoman #2 in the Rappahannock River. Starts are being offered to non-PHRF rated boats. See instructions or contact Warren Hottle,, 804 462 5530.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fishing Bay Yacht Club Is Looking For A Few Good Committee Boat Volunteers

As many of you know, Fishing Bay Yacht Club holds a terrific, annual One Design Regatta Invitational. This year, it even counts toward our annual award for the top Typhoon sailor. A small fleet of Typhoon sailors are going to attend it, August 10th and 11th, just as they did last year. If you're not planning on racing in this Invitational, you can still participate in a wonderful weekend of events by simply volunteering for Committee Boat duty. They're especially in need of an experienced race starter. 
Please contact Rick Klein, overall Regatta PRO, to let him know if you can participate. His number is 804.693.5629 or email him at Last year, there was exciting wind, lots of fleets, great live music, and wonderful meals.  I'm hoping to go back for more.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 Typhoon Kick-Off Dinner

Set Sail by Anton Abo
We enjoyed a wonderful Kick-Off Dinner last night to launch our 2013 Typhoon Season.  This year, the clubhouse was packed with the racers from Rappahannock River Yacht Club.  We were joined by members of the Wilton Creek Cruising Club, headed by Stan Coloff; and members of the growing Typhoon Fleet at Fishing Bay Yacht Club.

Our Typhoon Fleet Captain, Chuck Carmichael, went over some of the terrific plans for this year.  They include the 3rd Annual Typhoon Nationals, September 27-29; the RRYC Commodore's Cup October 5th; and the Turkey Shoot Regatta, October 11th-13th.  This last one is one of the largest regattas on the Chesapeake Bay.  Over 125 classic boats compete during this weekend of activities.  Its proceeds benefit Hospice Support Services of the Northern Neck and Riverside Hospice in Tappahannock and Gloucester.

Kinnet Ehring, our Typhoon Social Director, with help from her husband Chris organized the dinner and cooked the main food.  Many volunteers help create a wonderful event with an array of great appetisers; the main course of roast beef with creamy horseradish sauce; strawberry salad with roasted pecans; great sides; and a dessert bar that added at least 2,000 calories to my boat's weight.

Fun, along with wine, beer, and beverages flowed as Jerry Latell, of Ullman Sails Virginia, led us on a great review of racing rules - focusing just on the three main problem areas.  (We're all promising to race more carefully this season and it should last at least until the end of the second race next Wednesday night.)

The evening was so beautiful that about half of the group enjoyed dinner and conversation on the Club's wonderful porch overlooking Carter's Creek.  The sunset was lovely.  We're looking forward to a fun-filled season and are so very thankful to Ron Mihills and Ned Crockett for their past leadership.  It's enabled us to get to this "starting line" in 2013.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Thanks For A Great Refresher On Sail Racing

Thanks again for a great session at RRYC's Clubhouse, Saturday. Tom Chapman led this excellent event and shared his tips for those tough racecourse situations when even the most experienced sailors are debating the proper move.  His program was incredibly well organized with a thoughtful agenda that led to a lot of knowledge for this sailor.  One of the Club's newest members, David Lee, was kind enough to share his extensive racing knowledge along with some great tips for improving our chances on the racecourse.   Sam Marshall, also one of the top racers in the region, was very helpful on new rules, too.  It was a pleasure to be in a group of truly excellent sailors and racers who were all willing to share their knowledge with each other and those just starting out. Julia Lee, wife of David Lee made two delicious plates of baked goods.  We're thankful and hope to see more of her fine cooking in the group sessions to come!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Racing Rules of Sailing Seminar Today, April 13th

The 2013 Racing Rules Seminar's time has changed.  It's being offered from 2-5:30pm at the Rappahannock River Yacht Clubhouse today, Saturday May 13th.
Please plan on attending the annual Racing Rules Seminar today at its new time.  There will be a review of the rules by going through situations that occur as you go around the race course.  Discussion will be led by new member David Lee, along with Sam Marshall, and Tom Chapman. We hope to encourage discussion and have an emphasis on the changes for 2013 to 2016.  Bring your rule book and we'll see you there soon.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Kick Off Party Launching The Typhoon Season At RRYC Is Set For Wednesday, April 24th

It's beautiful, warm and balmy outside these days - perfect sailing weather and time to burn those socks.  While this may not be one of the events on the calendar for this year's Kick Off Party, it is still guaranteed to be a fun night.  There will be a cocktail hour followed by dinner and dessert.
Afterwards, Jerry Latell of Latell, has graciously agreed to again lead us through a Typhoon Racing Rules Refresher in his informative and clear style.  This is always casual and great for both new and seasoned racers.  So join us at 6PM at the Rappahannock River Yacht Club.  Please let Kinnet know by Saturday, April 20th if you're coming so she can make sure that there's plenty of food for all. Just email her at or call 804.438.9320.  The cost is only $10 per person.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

2013 Typhoon Nationals Date Is Set

 We're very excited about our news that the 2013 date has been set for the Third Annual Typhoon Nationals.  This year, we're lucky enough to have the wonderful John McCarthy serving as our Principal Race Officer again. John is CBYRA Regional Race Management Coordinator, Regional Race Officer and Senior Judge.  Anyone who was competing in the past Nationals knows that he runs a wonderful and well-organized race.  His wife Lin McCarthy is editor of the weekly newsletter Southern Bay Racing News You Can Use - true to its name and a must read for all serious racers on the Chesapeake Bay.

The races are set for September, that's right, September 27-29th so hold that weekend!  This should allow all of us to get in a bit more practice and possibly have more wind than we did in the first two national competitions.

After its original launch and two great years of racing, the Ty Nationals Chairman, Ron Mihills,  is turning over the leadership of this year's race to Debbie Cycotte.  Debbie is an experienced racer and race organizer.  She's grown up in the Mid-Atlantic racing Flying Scots.  Debbie's also the proud owner of the Typhoon, Goldfinch and regularly competes with her partner Mosby West who's also a RRYC member. (More information on Debbie to follow soon.)  If you need to contact her regarding the Typhoon Nationals, she can be emailed at