Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Flicker Account

Gary Luckham and Ray Britt, shot by Tom Norris
We've posted three sets on Flicker so that you can see and print any of the photos shot this year.  More photos are being added and for now we have a set of water shots, land shots, and the Raft Up shots.  Tom Norris took some beautiful photos of nearly every boat.  Because each photo file is very large, they are individually being taken into Photoshop and decreased to 1/4 of their original size so that they can be uploaded to the web.  Tom Kennedy, Blanche Stevens, Steve Harris, and Lin McCarthy have also sent in great shots.  We're adding them in batches to the Flicker account.  They can be found at or by simply clicking on the Flicker link in this post.  Thanks to all.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Few More Great Shots

These terrific shots are in from Lew Thatcher.  We're got
 more coming and will post them in albums soon.

Saturday Action On The Racecourse

Some beautiful shots came in yesterday from Tom Norris is was on the water both days.  Here are a couple from racing the first day.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pictures Of The First Place Team And Their Boat Anthem

Photos are just starting to come in and we'll be posting more tomorrow so check back with us soon.  Here are a couple of pictures of the winning team sent in from Lin McCarthy, Blanche Stevens, and Mike Kennedy.  One fancy wrist picture was shot on board Anthem during the race.

Ron, Brent and Rick Mihills concentrating, shot by Lin McCarthy.

Anthem rounding a mark, shot by Blanche Stevens.
Rick Mihills's reminder of the boats to keep an extra sharp eye on.
Anthem crew crossing the finish line (Joe Sarnowski's
Peddler III with Typhoon Fleet founders in the background.) shot by Lin McCarthy.

Rick, Ron and Brent Mihills accepting their first place cup,
shot by Mike Kennedy.

Final Results

Here are the final results.  Please check back for more pictures of the Typhoons and crews racing as these pictures come in from our photographers on the water.  Congrats to all! Photobucket Photobucket

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday At The Races

Well, it's been a lot of fun and there are more results and pictures to follow but here's a quick look at some of Sunday events and race results.  Check back for more details soon.
Jill and Larry Worth led the kitchen crew fixing
our delicious breakfasts and Saturday dinner.

Early morning strategy session.

Arabella Denvir of Premier Sailing and
John McCarthy, the racing Pro.

John McCarthy briefing the Ty sailors.

The Boat, note Danielle Kuper sporting a parasole between races.

Rowing races between sailing races.

The view between races.

Post race discussions.

Harry Wells wining 3rd Place in the Corinthian Fleet. (2nd and 1st place
winners were awarded good champagne donated by Ray Britt of Specials.
3rd place won a Bud Light and a silver cup.) Harry seems delighted.

John McKim and Alison Gay accepting
their 1st place in the Corinthian Fleet.

Chuck Carmichael accepting his 3rd place win
 (and Bud Light) in the Championship Fleet.

Doug Dorsey accepting his second place finish
 in the Championship Fleet.

Rick, Ron and Brent Mihills win first place in the Championship Fleet.

We give a standing ovation to John McCarthy, his team,
and the volunteers for running such great regatta races.

Time for one last Ty Cheer!

The Saturday Racing Results And Team Standings Are In

Sailing was tough and competitive in yesterday's light winds.  To see a larger version of the racing results after the first day's three races click the link.  Good luck to everyone today and thanks to John McCarthy, his team, and the volunteers running things so well out on the water.

Photobucket Photobucket