Monday, April 15, 2013

Thanks For A Great Refresher On Sail Racing

Thanks again for a great session at RRYC's Clubhouse, Saturday. Tom Chapman led this excellent event and shared his tips for those tough racecourse situations when even the most experienced sailors are debating the proper move.  His program was incredibly well organized with a thoughtful agenda that led to a lot of knowledge for this sailor.  One of the Club's newest members, David Lee, was kind enough to share his extensive racing knowledge along with some great tips for improving our chances on the racecourse.   Sam Marshall, also one of the top racers in the region, was very helpful on new rules, too.  It was a pleasure to be in a group of truly excellent sailors and racers who were all willing to share their knowledge with each other and those just starting out. Julia Lee, wife of David Lee made two delicious plates of baked goods.  We're thankful and hope to see more of her fine cooking in the group sessions to come!