Monday, February 21, 2011

Special Thanks to our Sponsors!

An extra "THANKS" goes out to our sponsors...
  • Cape Dory Sailboat Owners Association (CDSOA, Inc.)
  • Custom Yacht Service
  • Jimmy and Sook
  • Latell Sailmakers
  • Layline
  • Rappahannock Yachts
  • Southern Bay Racing News You Can Use
  • West Marine

Rappahannock River Yacht Club ("RRYC")

RRYC was founded in 1936 to serve the interests of local pleasure boat owners. In 1941 the club house which stands today was built on the shores of Carter's Creek. In 1983 the Rappahannock River Sailing Association was formed and established the first series of races on Carter's Creek and nearby the Rappahannock River. Today the club has 150 memberships who are active in racing, cruising and junior sailing programs. To learn more ... click on the link to the right.

Cape Dory Sailboat Owners Association ("CDSOA")

The CDSOA, Inc. is a national organization of Cape Dory and Robinhood sailboat owners incorporated. CDSOA has members from Washington State to Florida, California to Maine and beyond, and are always looking for new Cape Dory, Intrepid and Robinhood owners to join. Check out the link to the right for more info.