Friday, June 28, 2013

Team Mihills Captures Front Page Story!

Brent and Ron Mihills Capture a front page story on their wins.
Team Mihills is featured in this week's Rappahannock Record, and on the front page of the Sports Section, too!  Their double wins in both the first Typhoon Virginia Invitational and in the area's Spring Typhoon Racing Season were exciting.  Those of us on the water and race courses weren't the only ones to think so.  Congrats guys and we'll look for you in the upcoming regattas, including the 3rd Annual Typhoon Nationals, September 27th through the 29th!  There, you'll be defending your unblemished record.  Good luck and happy sailing.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Spring Typhoon Racing Season And Its Awards Night.

We celebrated the combined end of the 2013 Spring Typhoon Racing Season with its winners and the winners of the Typhoon Virginia Invitational last night at the Rapphannock River Yacht Club.  Team Mihills, former winners of both Typhoon Nationals, outperformed all of us again winning the first Typhoon Virginia Invitational.
Ron and Brent Mihills also took first place in the Spring Typhoon Racing Season.  Congrats to both of these extremely impressive sailors and gentlemen.  It's a pleasure to lose to such great guys.  Our able Fleet Commander, Chuck Carmichael and his wife Barie took Second in the Typhoon Virginia Invitational with Frank Birdsall and Tom Richardson capturing Third Place. Congrats all around.

Fleet Commander Chuck Carmichael congratulates
Ron Mihills on both Team Mihills 's First Place Awards.

Brent and Ron Mihills with their First Place Trophy
for top place in the 2013 Spring Typhoon Racing Season.

Chuck Carmichael awards his wife and teammate Barie
 with the Second Place Cup in the Virginia Typhoon Invitational. 

The always fast Frank Birdsall rushes up to accept his Second Place
for the Spring Typhoon Racing Season. Additionally, Frank won Second Place,
 along with Tom Richardson, in the Typhoon Virginia Invitational.
The newly instituted "Middle of the Fleet" Award for sailors
moving up in skills during the Spring Typhoon Racing Season was
awarded to Diane Cook-Tench, Chris Ehring, and Steve Harris.

Debbie Cycotte, Mosby West, (Race Committee)
along with Sam and Gary Luckham 
As the 2013 Spring Typhoon Racing Season wraps up, we learned that Frank Birdsall took Second Place and Gary Hooper won Third Place. Our Fleet Commander, Chuck Carmichael and Barie Carmichael took Fourth.  Thanks to so many wonderful racers, their spouses, friends and club members for making this spring such fun.  Chuck Carmichael also did an outstanding job of keeping all of us informed and all the 2013 Spring Races going smoothly.  He built on the strong foundation set by Ron Mihills and Ned Crockett in past years.  Kinnet Ehring did a superb job of making our Wednesday Socials even more social, organizing meals, appetizers, and desserts.  We'll have to do countless laps in the Club's pool to work off even a portion of what we've consumed.

Typhoon Virginia Invitational Race Results

Congratulations to all of those racing in yesterday's first Typhoon Virginia Invitational.  Team Mihills was once again a standout in all the races though RRYC's Typhoon Fleet Commander was able to beat them in the second race.  They set the bar high for all of us who compete with them and we're thankful for that.
Many thanks to our Principal Race Officer Mosby West. He and a fine team of volunteers created a perfect situation for four wonderful races.  Mother Nature helped and it was one of the finest sailing/racing days to be found this year, or in many years, on the Rappahannock River.  
Many thanks to Debbie Cycotte, Tom Linville, George Kuper, Tom Blencowe, Hal Starke, Lisa Watlington, David Lee, Tommy Asch, and Brady Behrman.

Version 7.1.2: Regatta scoring by JavaScore, an Open Source project available at
2013 VA Typhoon Invitational/Series Standing - 4 races scored.